Interview: German Section for Cidesco

Health and Beauty Germany has been the German section of Cidesco since September 28 and is honored to have been unanimously accepted by the General Assembly. We had a few questions for Cidesco’s Business Development Officer Jacqueline Kennedy about this.

Jaqueline Kennedy and Roberto Valente

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Business Development Officer at Cidesco

BEAUTY FORUM: Health and Beauty Germany is the German section of Cidesco – why did you choose us?

Jacqueline Kennedy: At the General Assembly in Bali, Indonesia, Cidesco International was pleased to announce that Health and Beauty Germany was officially accepted as the representative of the national Cidesco section in Germany. This innovative synergy builds on principles that are essential to Cidesco International: Professionalism, Shared Values and Strategic Goals. Health and Beauty Germany, as an international media company and as a trade show organizer, optimizes the level of this synergy, of communication and of the provision of business tools for readers, advertisers, exhibitors and trade show visitors. Here we share a common goal: to raise the standards of the global beauty and wellness industry so that the consumer experience is safe and first class. Health and Beauty Germany not only has a far-sighted vision in the beauty and wellness industry, but the company also believes in the power of beauty, and so do we.

BEAUTY FORUM: What can the graduate expect from a Cidesco training?

Jacqueline Kennedy: Our strict requirements ensure that only world-class schools receive Cidesco accreditation. Therefore, the beautician who has completed her training at an accredited Cidesco school can be sure that she has received excellent training with a superior level of training in the Cidesco qualification, which is recognized worldwide in the industry.

We reaffirm our commitment to developing the beauty profession and the entire beauty industry to the highest international standards. Managing Director of Health and Beauty Germany Roberto Valente talks about the collaboration and future plans.

3 Questions to …

Managing Director of Health and Beauty Germany

BEAUTY FORUM: The cooperation with Cidesco is another step towards the internationalization of the beauty industry and the upgrading of the beautician. How proud are you of this collaboration?

Roberto Valente: We are very proud to be the German section of Cidesco, which has been the global standard in professional aesthetics for over 70 years. Health and Beauty Germany, part of the Cosmoprof Group, another organization with more than fifty years of experience, has as its mission the dissemination of beauty as a vehicle for psycho-physical well-being. In fact, our motto is: “We believe in the power of beauty”. For this reason, we want to be at the side of beauticians to help them carry out their business as professionally as possible. As we are the German section of Cidesco, we promote another value of training: internationalization. Indeed, the Cidesco diplomas are recognized all over the world and therefore offer beauticians the possibility to find employment in international structures.

BEAUTY FORUM: In the German cosmetics industry, there are currently no standards and no regulated training. How can Health and Beauty Germany counteract this within the framework of the cooperation?

Roberto Valente: Our magazine BEAUTY FORUM is read by over 20,000 beauticians every month. It’s a great tool to raise awareness in the community about the value of professional training. And it is precisely because there are no standards or obligations for training in Germany that we believe our contribution can be even more important. It is thus a work aimed at beauticians on the one hand and at beauty schools on the other. For these two, joining the Cidesco circle – on the one hand with accreditation for schools and on the other hand with certification of the exams taken for beauticians – means guaranteeing quality standards that are recognized worldwide.

BEAUTY FORUM: Preparations to become active as a German section are in full swing. What is the current state of affairs?

Roberto Valente: We are preparing for the cooperation with great enthusiasm: The website will be available soon, and the social channels will be activated. Here, affiliated estheticians will find ongoing, up-to-date content related to the profession. There will also be “live” activities throughout the year, which I can’t preview yet. But through the website and our magazine, it will be possible to get all the information. I’m sure it will be an exciting experience for all of us.

The interviews were conducted by Maxi Goewe

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