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Health and Beauty Group

Health and Beauty Germany GmbH is a holding company and has been part of the international Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna network since 2018.

The Group was originally part of a widely ramified printing and publishing house. Its history goes back to 1813, the year the company was founded by Gottlieb Braun in Karlsruhe.

For a long time, the only trade magazines were in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market. Major reorganization efforts were therefore necessary and formed the basis for analyzing the “neighboring” markets before the sale of medical magazines began in 1998. Here, great opportunities were expected, especially in the wellness market.

Today Health and Beauty Group publishes specialized cross-media content under the BEAUTY FORUM brand – among the most widely read specialized cosmetics magazines in Europe – and organizes beauty professional trade shows in the main European markets.

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We believe that beauty is everywhere. Everybody wants to feel beautiful in their own individual way. Beauty knows no age, sex or skin color. Healthy and happy people are beautiful from the inside and outside. Beauty treatments make people feel better, more selfconfident and can even heal physically and mentally. We want to spread our mission through our magazines and professional trade fairs and events. In cooperation with our partners, we want to enhance the power and value of beauty, which strengthens us and inspires joy and confidence. We are working together to feed and encourage the beauty industry, to boost innovation and performance and reach beauty professionals by providing opportunities for training and networking. We are the professional partner for the beauty sector and want to be the link between beauty professionals, brands and consumers. 

Roberto Valente CEO

Roberto Valente guides the Health and Beauty Group as Managing Director since 2020. His extensive experience as the manager of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading international event in the beauty industry, and as the director of Cosmofarma Exhibition, the pharmacy world’s leading European event, laid the foundation for his role in the management of this group.

“I believe that beauty can produce a virtuous cycle, which is crucial for our professional working life. When we feel beautiful, we also feel better; it’s not merely a matter of esthetics. Here at Health and Beauty, I we have a management team and company structure that embraces this understanding of the world of beauty.”

Health and Beauty Group Offices

Health and Beauty Germany, headquartered in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe, is a specialist publisher and trade fair and event organizer with over 35 years of experience. The BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH is the largest beauty trade fair in autumn.

Since 2015, Health and Beauty France has been organizing events dedicated to the professional beauty sector in France and Belgium. 

Health and Beauty Media Sp. z o.o. has been organizing the largest professional cosmetics fair BEAUTY FORUM in Poland for 24 years and since 2014 has been preparing events for the hairdressing industry. The company offers trade magazines and events, congress programms, workshops and lectures. 

Health and Beauty Business Media Kft. was established in Hungary in 1991, and has been the key media platform of the beauty sector since then. As the market-leading professional media outlet of the beauty industry it is in close relations of all players of the industry, such as producers, distributors, educators and beauticians. 

Health and Beauty Swiss was founded in response to the nuance and challenges of the Swiss market, which has few parallels internationally. Undeterred by the variety of languages and habits that characterize the rich history of the 26 cantons, the holding chose to believe in the uniting power of beauty and set up offices in Switzerland.

Welcome to the German section of the world’s largest international association for beauty therapy. CIDESCO Germany represents CIDESCO International in Germany. The section represents the interests of its members in Germany and worldwide.

Beauty4Tomorrow is the new project of Health and Beauty, which brings beauty experts and trend researchers into exchange with companies.


Beauty Forum events have become an absolute must for the world of professional beauty. By cooperating with local events, the format developed by Health and Beauty has even reached Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

Four fairs per year in Athens and Thessaloniki. The trade shows offer a wide range of exhibition areas for professionals in cosmetics, nail, foot care and hair.
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The Expo Center Trenčín invites beauty professionals in 2022 to the 28th edition of the international cosmetics trade show BEAUTY FORUM TRENČÍN in Slovakia.
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Exhibitors, beauty experts and providers of cosmetics, hairdressers, aesthetics, wellness, spa and much more meet in Ljubljana.
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