Health and Beauty History

Health and Beauty Group formerly known as G. Braun Fachverlage was part of a diverse Printing and Publishing house. The company's history goes back to the year 1813 with the foundation by Gottlieb Braun in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The only professional magazines had been published in the pharmaceutical markets facing keen competition. In an enourmous reorganisation process these pharma magazines had been sold in 1998. This was the time for an analysis of "neighbour" markets. Especially the "Wellness" markets seemed to promise potential growth.

With changing the companies' owners in 2000 our vision has been clearly defined. We enhance cross-border integration of trade magazines and trade fairs for business in the wellness-markets and are the main source of information and precious communication platfrom for all participiants. In brief: we are the qualitative market leader with a comprehensing market view.

We want to deliver potential value to our customers and stand for a secure, interesting and fulfilling working environment for our employees and are a reliable business partner in all countries we have activities in.